Specialty Items

SPECIALTY ITEMS – are tools, devices, and things preservationists have come across, made up, and adapted to help with cemetery preservation work. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. This section shares with you some of the more interesting things our members have come up with to make work easier. You never know what you may see here. We will constantly add things to this section as members find and invent them.


Anything that makes the job easier. Here is a simple 2 wheel cart that has been repurposed and customized for cleaning grave markers. It could also be emptied and used for other preservation tools to fit the work you are doing. Things like this are great back savers as well as time savers. Especially in cemeteries where transporting water in and out is necessary.



Here is a light weight highly adaptable cart made of pvc, an axle, an two tires. All will depend on how much weight you decide to transport. But the possibilities are endless.










Mascara sponges or applicator pads likes the ones pictured here, are great for final infill work. They make for nice inexpensive disposable applicators to gently fan out and touch up a final infill application to a grave marker.






This carpet padded platform that resembles a stretcher, was devised by Polk Cemetery Savers. They engineered it to safely move and transport tablet type grave markers through the procedures of repairs from start to finish. The carpet pad keeps the tombstone from being unnecessarily chipped and scraped as well as making it very manageable for two people to handle safely.