State Cemetery Law

When considering any kind of cemetery work, it is also important to become well versed with that particular states cemetery laws. Most state laws will be found under the revised codes for that state. Some states are quite lenient and relaxed, and others are somewhat strict. And much of what you will be allowed to do or get permission to do, will fall to the entity in charge of the particular cemetery. Go into this forearmed. Those whom you might deal with at a lower level, may have little or no knowledge of the laws concerning cemeteries in that state. Or on the other hand, they may be quite well versed on such laws. You can never go wrong by learning these laws for yourself. This helps to ensure everyone is on the same page before any work is attempted. This list of state laws is far from complete, and mainly pertains to the Midwest at the moment. Our goal is to eventually have links to all 50 states.