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The Cemetery Conservators for United Standards is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of cemetery conservators & preservationists from around the country. Our members have many different levels of work experience and different skill sets. We range from those who do this professionally for a living, to those who volunteer their services as a charitable contribution. We have gathered here to share our knowledge and the knowledge of those who have taught us.

Concerning The 2021 CCUS Cemetery Preservation Class

We are pleased to announce last year’s postponed June 2020 class has been rescheduled for this year September 11th & 12th 2021. Click the light blue button below that says “See More” to go to the registration page.

2021 CCUS Class Registration Is Now Open

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2021 CCUS Class Registration Now Open

This will be a 2 day hands on instructional that will cover the 6 basics of “do no harm” preservation. Other topics will be discussed on the 2nd day such as…casting new bases, bronze, graffiti removal, & more. If you aren’t familiar with our six basics, scroll down to see more.


Welcome to About Us, the Who We Are part of our site that best explains, describes, and gives you the greater hands-on feel for cemetery preservation. It’s where you will find recent writing under our blog post and information pertaining to upcoming classes on preservation.

Cleaning Basics

Cleaning Basics is our section that walks you through the “do no harm” cleaning methods as well as harmful methods, and covers both general cleaning and biological growth removal.


Tablet set, ground set, or tombstone set, whichever term you use, describes one of the most basic and common methods in cemetery preservation.


This section covers tablet type stones set in slotted bases and explains leveling and mortaring this type of grave marker.


Multi-piece monuments are basically stacked stone pieces of different types and sizes placed together. This section walks you through what you need to consider before attempting this type of grave marker preservation.


This is our section that covers basic tablet style tombstone repairs. Some of these repairs are simple and straight forward, and others are more complex.

Infill Basics

Infill is the process of filling in the gap that remains after a repair has been made to mend a stone. This final step eliminates open gaps and safeguards against excessive water and foreign materials collection and build up that may further damage the stone.


Reading grave markers is one of the most common practices by genealogists and gravers who wish to collect historic information. This section will walk you through the “do no harm” methods of reading grave markers as well as the harmful methods.


Is our sort of catch all where we have all of our current overall information on all things pertaining to cemetery preservation.This sections most important function is to house its ever growing archive of information in PDF form, but to also house important information on cemeteries in general.


Is where you take an active part in cemetery preservation by joining us & sharing your knowledge and experience. Whether it be as a hobby or a profession and no matter what level or stage your skill set is at.

CCUS Cemetery News

Cemetery articles of interest authored by our members.

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