Bonding Agent Issues

Bonding Agents are any products that serve to join pieces or parts of a grave marker together. They range from epoxies to mortars and everything in between. These products more than any of the others walk hand in hand with methods, and help form some of the deepest divisions in the field of cemetery preservation. As with everything else, we will do all we can to weigh out in the most factual manner, these bonding agents with the do no harm principal in mind. Next to cleaning methods and products, the products used to repair and mend grave markers is the most hotly debated issue in the field.

We will examine both the older tried and true agents along with the new comers to the field brought to us through new technologies. We will search out the strengths and flaws in both. And as we have stated concerning methods, we want to keep in mind that a happy medium may have to be struck at the end of the day based on the available knowledge we have at the present time.