Method Issues

All methods should be first looked at in the least evasive do no harm manner. Methods consist of products, and product choice often dictates the methods used, and vice versa. The two walk hand in hand so much, it can be hard to know where one begins and the other ends. When the two become so intertwined they quite often form yet another camp within the field of cemetery work. Methods are generally either old long held ways or new technologies. And as with all things that progress, old methods should be challenged and new methods scrutinized.

Our goal is to examine methods both old and new and look at them through the lens of do no harm. We want to look at the older tried and true methods to see how well they have been holding up, and compare that to what we know now. We will examine the new methods with the same scrutiny and see if new really is better. We are in search of the strengths and flaws in both. We want to keep in mind that a happy medium may have to be struck at the end of the day based on the available knowledge we have at the present time.