Harmful Methods

HARMFUL METHODS – is our companion page in opposite to Basic Standards. It’s where we explain and dispel myths that cause damage to grave markers. In this section we explain some of the most commonly used harmful methods being used in cemetery preservation and restoration. I have often said, there are many more don’ts to preservation than do’s. Again, it’s always about doing what is best for the cemetery or grave marker. These 4 areas cover the things that cause the most permanent damage. Quite often many people are simply unaware they are doing harm. We hope this section gives you the knowledge needed so your preservation effort is both successful and long lasting for generations to come.

The 4 basic areas of destructive practice that are seen most often.

Don’t Clean With – harmful cleaning methods that ruin inscriptions and stone integrity.

Don’t Read Stones With – methods that ruin inscriptions and stone integrity.

Don’t Repair Stones With – practices that are destined to fail causing more damage.

Don’t Use Concrete – what is bad about concrete in preservation.