Sap Unlimited License Agreement

Processing SAP licenses can seem difficult, difficult or completely confusing. That is not necessarily how I feel. The more you know about your SAP licenses, the more you get from your relationship with SAP. If you have analyzed your data connections and you have an indirect access license to the user, you can pay less than document licenses. Detecting unauthorized indirect access gives you transparency so you are aware of financial risks and can make an informed decision. What you don`t know can cost you. But knowledge allows you to act quickly. SAP is known for not checking indirect access when purchasing a batch of licenses that clearly covers indirect access. What is use? Use is use. Any use must be licensed, whether or not that licence requires a fee. All SAP processes you do in your business must be licensed. If you place reservations in SAP, this will be used.

SAP protects its intellectual property like any other technology company. SAM tools will give you more information about your SAP licenses than YOU get from LAW. By using this information with an optimized license position, transparency puts you in a powerful place to negotiate a better deal with SAP. All-you-can-eat software licensing agreements can bring real added value to companies that really need to accelerate the use of a vendor`s software, provided there is an active awareness and understanding of the associated pitfalls. What do you mean? You can get expert services that will help you become compliant. You can also launch a SAM project well before self-audit. You can be hands-on or let a SAM service partner do anything for you. It all depends on your situation: – Audit: Take a deep breath and remember that an audit is as much about revenue as it is about compliance. Therefore, if SAP wants to immerse itself more deeply in your results, a SAM program will provide you with the valuable data to negotiate with SAP and satisfy both parties. – Contract renegotiation: SAM for your SAP gives you the transparency that strengthens your position before renegotiating the contract. Contract analysis is a standard element of SAM because it reveals benefits you didn`t know.

– Migration S/4HANA: Designated user licensing roles are difficult to change after data is transmitted to SAP. If you`re over-licensed, optimize with SAM and reap the savings. When SAP migrates to S/4HANA, your license optimization window will be closed and your over-conceded position will be blocked. 41/2. Getting a professional SAM tool A professional sam tool is not mandatory, but it is essential for a profitable migration. Switching to S/4HANA is only done once, so do it right and you`ll reduce costs in the process. A SAM tool can: – Give a clear overview of your SAP succession – Optimize your existing licenses to reflect their actual use – Simulate and analyze the effects of an S/4HANA migration – Oh, and all this can be done automatically. Don`t wait to automate! Licensing users, measuring engines, recovering unused licenses, and cancelling duplicates are tedious tasks that increase the potential for error.

A SAM tool automates the SAP licensing management process, speeds it up and eliminates the potential for error. For some, it`s as simple as setting a timer on Friday and seeing the results on Monday morning. SAP calls it “direct human access” and defines it as: “Direct Human Access occurs when people sign up to use the ERP system via an interface provided with or as part of the ERP system.