Cleaning Products

The following is a short list of the two basic types of safe cleaners we recommend. The first is a safe all around soap cleaner, and the others are types of biocide cleaners for biological growth. “D/2 is the most popular and easy to find biocide.”  It’s also important to remember that quite often, water and a soft brush is all you may need. Cleaning should always be approached from the most noninvasive techniques and means. Stone cleaning is often not instantaneous and can take some time to see results. Especially in the case of biocides. Remember: stones are individual microcosm worlds unto themselves. They take in and release water, atmospheric conditions, and other aspects of their environments. Please carefully read our standards and procedures for cleaning. For your safety, please always make sure the tombstone or monument you are working with is sound and doesn’t present a danger of falling. And for the sake of the stone, please check for sugaring and delamination so you don’t inadvertently damage it further or permanently.



Suggested Cleaners for Tombstones and Monuments

Proctor & Gamble Orvus Paste Soap

Manufacturer – Proctor & Gamble

Product Type – Orvus Paste Soap

“Biocidal cleaners which contain quaternary ammonium compounds, like D/2 Biological Solution, Enviro Klean® Bio-Wash®, and Modec MDF-500 are preferred products for cleaning marble headstones. This class of cleaners is effective at removing biological growth and general soiling in the field. While all cleaning methods alter the surface to some extent, these cleaners should not harm the stone. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for dilution ratios and dwell rates. It is important to know that marble cleaned with biocides should continue to lighten over the next few days. The advantage of a biocidal cleaner is that it helps remove a wide range of soiling including biological growth. The disadvantage is that the cleaners are more expensive than other products on the market.”

D/2 Biological Solution

Manufacturer – D/2

Product Type – D/2 Biological Solution

PROSOCO Enviro Klean Bio Wash

Manufacturer – PROSOCO

Product Type – Enviro Klean Bio wash


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