CCUS Membership Form

If you have not attended a CCUS Basic Standards Class, but are familiar with and practice the 6 basic standards below in the “do no harm” manner, you can still become a current member of our association and be listed on our website. There are 2 types of people who want to become current members. 1…people who are completely new to cemetery preservation and restoration, and 2…people who have been trained by someone at a class or workshop in the past.

If you are brand new to cemetery preservation, you must attend a class by a CCUS current member to become a current member, or training classes put on by the NCPTT or a select group of other conservators.

If you have already received some training, we just want to know something about that training and who gave it to you. There are as many good historic training classes as there are bad. We need to know you have been trained properly with no harm methods. Examples of no harm method training are classes put on by the NCPTT and the existing members of the Cemetery Conservators for United Standards.

Here at the CCUS we are very careful about who we admit, promote, and endorse. This is done to ensure credibility for the CCUS and its members is always maintained. We are a place that promotes no harm methods to the public at large, and a support system for you as a member.

Please visit and go over our CCUS website thoroughly. Pay close attention to the sub-categories under BASIC STANDARDS and HARMFUL METHODS. Compare and contrast these 2 categories to see what we view as harmful and not harmful. If you are using methods we view as harmful, you will have to change your methods or not be accepted as a current member. We don’t mean this to sound harsh, but joining our group is about adhering to proper historic preservation methods.

Please answer the questions that apply to you and your level of experience.




Image Submission:

Please submit images of work that you have completed within each of the following standards. Only .jpg/.jpeg images can be uploaded.

If you are someone who has been previously trained by a credible source like we have listed above, or can show/prove you know, understand, and practice safely the 6 basic standards above, then you are exactly who we are looking for. Please submit answers to the questions on this form and as many pictures of your work in each of the 6 basics above.

Once we have received and reviewed your information, we will contact you and say…CONGRATULATIONS! We will then ask you for a copy of your company or groups logo/artwork/picture for your cameo in our Current Members section. Please give us your company’s website address/Facebook page link, and contact info, so we can place it next to your cameo picture.

We are a co-op of conservators from across the country that network and help each other equally. We want to offer people and organizations that are looking to have preservation work done, as many alternatives as can be afforded to them in their regions. We hope to have a “Jobs Bulletin Board” up for current members only, in the near future. This way we can share, pass, and network jobs with each other.

If you are unable to complete this form, you can send all of the information above to