Washington Residential Lease Termination Agreement

Before cancelling your residential lease in Washington, you should consider a notice of termination if you believe the issue can be resolved. For example, if the tenant has not paid the rent, in addition to a notice of late tenancy, you can use your property management software to provide 30 days` notice to cancel or pay the rent. This means that the tenant has to pay the rent within a certain period of time or leave the premises on a certain date. If the tenant is able to make payments on time, the Washington lease will continue as if no notice of termination had ever been delivered. If the tenant is unable to pay, he must leave the premises before the date of termination of the lease. If the tenant remains on the premises beyond this date, the landlord can take legal action for illegal detention. A landlord must return the deposit to the tenant within twenty-one (21) days of the termination or termination of the lease. (RCW ยง 59.18.280) Read on to learn more about the termination requirements and the process for terminating residential leases in Washington. Termination of the tenancy is different from eviction.

A termination is if the landlord terminates the lease and asks the tenant to leave the rental unit. A tenant can have his rental terminated and move without being evicted. An eviction is the actual legal process and prosecution for a tenant to be removed from the property if they do not leave. Here are the reasons why a tenant may terminate a lease prematurely: The exception to this general rule is just cause eviction protection in the City of Seattle, which requires landlords to provide a “fair reason” for eviction or termination of the lease for monthly tenants. To promote housing stability, the tenants` union wants all tenants in Washington State to have fair basic protection against eviction. The notice period required for the termination of periodic leases or leases without a specific duration is 20 days from the end of a rental period. If the rent extends from one month to the next, the 20-day cancellation must be made 20 days before the end of the “rental month”. For example, if the 1-month rent covers January 5 to February 5, the termination must be made 20 days before February 5. However, if the rental month lasts from the first to the last day of each month, the cancellation must be made 20 days before the end of the month. All lease termination agreements must include relevant facts regarding the Washington lease that is terminated and the terms that remain in effect until the date of termination of the lease. This includes the address of the rental property, the payment of the agreed rental and the date on which the property is to be vacant.

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