Sample Arbitration Agreements

Arbitrators participating in this Agreement may impose any sanctions deemed necessary on any party or the parties` counsel for failure to comply with all the conditions set forin this Arbitration Agreement. Standard Dispute Resolution Clause In the event of a dispute between the parties regarding the application, interpretation, implementation or validity of this Agreement, the parties agree to resolve the dispute or controversy through mediation with the Canadian Arbitration Association prior to initiating any further proceedings. Nothing in this regard shall prevent a party from claiming rights to omission if the party considers that in the absence of such a right of omission, serious harm may be caused to the party. Any party involved in the dispute may indicate to others their desire to resolve a particular dispute through mediation. The Mediator is appointed by agreement between the parties or, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement within five days of receipt of the notice of intent to mediate, the Mediator is appointed by the Canadian Arbitration Association. Mediation takes place in [the city]. The parties agree to try to resolve their dispute in the area of mediation. The costs of the Ombudsman shall be shared equally by the contracting parties. If the dispute has not been resolved within thirty days of notification of the mediation, either party may terminate the mediation and initiate arbitration proceedings as described below.

Until a judgment is rendered or an agreement has been reached, neither the parties nor their counsel may disclose information relating to this arbitration agreement or the arbitration proceedings. The final hearing of this arbitration agreement will take place within six months of the appointment of the two arbitrators. Arbitration agreements are usually clauses contained in larger legal documents, such as an employment contract or terms and conditions, but can also be separate legal documents. In Missouri, arbitration contracts must contain the following language in bold and “ten-point capital letters” above the signature lines: THIS AGREEMENT CONTAINS A BINDING ARBITRATION CLAUSE THAT MAY BE ENFORCED BY THE PARTIES. It should be noted that you can also include a clause in a business contract. The clause could only contain a few lines, but it would stipulate that both parties would agree to alternative dispute resolution. Both parties will share all costs and costs of arbitration fairly, unless both parties have signed a written agreement stating otherwise. PandaTip: Most agreements have an arbitration clause that states that all discrepancies related to the agreement must not be resolved in court, but by a neutral arbitrator. The purpose of this proposal is to regulate the conditions of such an arbitration procedure. Below are examples of paragraphs that can be added to each business contract.

This clause requires that all differences of opinion between the parties regarding contact be resolved by binding arbitration (instead of litigation) with Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. .