Das Framework Agreement

By listening to customer needs and combining a mix of competing vendors, DAS offers a cheap way to bring software-driven solutions to market. » Framework Number: RM3821 Contract Duration: February 2019 – February 2022 DAS is a government CSC framework that helps public sector organizations purchase cloud and on-premise solutions or a combination of both as part of an agreement. Solutions can include software, professional services, training, and maintenance. You can purchase these solutions through the Government eMarketplace (online catalog) or Further Competition. Esri UK is the approved supplier for: Lot 2b – Environment and Planning – GIS Services About Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Data and Applications Solutions (DAS) Purchasing Framework Contract ID: RM3733 Contract Duration: October 2016 – October 2021 The objective of this framework is to provide customers with a simple and flexible way to purchase comodified technology products. This framework has expired – this information serves only as a reference Name:Data and application solutionsThe start date:22-02-2019The end date:22-02-2022Webpage:Page on CrownOpt`s sales service site:The DAS framework serves to provide and support technology-driven business solutions that provide additional software, services and hardware. Framework Number: RM1089 Contract Duration: 31 Oct 2016 – 31 Oct 2021 Traffic Management Technology is a CSC framework contract that allows you to acquire a wide range of products, solutions and professional services for traffic management technologies. Esri UK is an authorised supplier for: – Lot 3 – SIG – Lot 15 – Catalogue If, during the impasse, we receive a substantive challenge to our award decision and the challenge for a given lot applies, we reserve the right to enter into a framework contract with the successful bidders for the undisputed lots. The agreement will help public sector organizations purchase, implement, test and deliver a wide range of software solutions as well as the necessary hardware and professional services in a single procurement. .