Couple Subject Verb Agreement

The word population is a collective noun that, depending on the author`s intention, can take either a singular verb or a pluralistic verb. The noun people is plural. So it`s right in your second sentence. At first glance, it seems that there is very little about the word couple that could confuse someone or against whom one could oppose it. It is a simple little word, perhaps modest and without great aspirations, but artisanal and stoic. But as soon as you start studying this word, a real cavalcade of questions appears. Is the couple always used in the singular, or can it be plural? Should it relate to two or can it mean “three”, or even a larger and indeterminate number? Should you write, “I have bones to pick with you, Merriam-Webster,” or should I be “a few bones”? “Milk and butter” is an annoying singular, because “a lot” is the subject. It would be safer to rewrite the sentence: how much milk and how much butter is there in the fridge? Do you use singular or plural verbage to match a collective noun like team or staff? The answer is that that`s what matters. If these nouns act as a unit, use a singular verb.

It`s a different situation from the phrase, “A man does or does all the work.” One could also be part of the list of pronouns that are included in rule 8: “The pronouns of each, each, each, each, each, someone and someone are singular and require singular verbs. Don`t be misled by the following. As this sentence does not contain who, or which, follows rule 8: one of the men does all the work. It seems strange to use a singular verb for a noun that contains two people – the verb should be plural if the subject has more than one person, right? I actually thought they are people who love you because “people” is plural, it takes singular verb, but someone told me that his “people love you” because “people” may seem plural, but it`s counted as a singular. We used a singular with a couple, but a plural pronoun. Which is it? Here, as in most cases, we should have treated the “couple” as plural; One clue is that we would never have said “his apartment on 5th Avenue.” However, the singular is sometimes appropriate when the couple is treated as a single entity – for example, when a couple is compared as a unit to other couples. Here`s what the Times stylebook says: The theme is 12 percent, which will be either singular or plural, depending on the subject of the preposition that follows. In this sentence, the object of the preposition is construction, which is always singular. So the correct answer is, a. Use laverb plural are because these two subjects are connected by and by and by. Could you help me with those words? Can the word “collection” (as a gathering noun) be followed by a plural verb such as “the family was/the family was”? Jo`s question: “Can you help me with the following sentences: ? The couple is/are here to see you….