Commercial Mortar Products

This is a list of commercial historically correct lime mortars used in tombstone and monument restoration and preservation. Lime mortars have been around for centuries and are found in most historic stone structures. Lime mortars are durable, yet much softer than modern mortars found at local building supply stores. It is very important to use a lime mortar for this reason. Modern mortars are too hard for older softer grave markers made of marble, sandstone and the like. These harder mortars and concretes will do much more harm than good. The softer lime mortar acts as an adhesive and a buffer between the tombstone and base, or other monument pieces. This keeps the actual memorial stone pieces from becoming damaged over time due to, freeze and thaw and toppling. Lime mortar can last a couple of hundred years and be easily replaced when worn away, with very little to no damage to the stone. Modern mortar is a very permanent material that can’t be removed easily at best, and not at all without causing permanent damage at the least. Please see our section under BASIC STANDARDS for uses, and TECHNICAL for instructions and MSDS.  

Suggested Commercial Mortars for Tombstones and Monuments

Below is a list of Ecologic™ Mortars in their entirety of types and colors. We want to call your attention to Ecological Mortar (F), which you will also find below as “DMG SCG (F) Non-Pigment”. We are singling this mortar out and distinguishing it from the others because it is the most prevalent of the Ecological Mortars for use in slotted bases and the majority of other mortar methods that do not require color. The Ecological Mortar (F) is a readymade mortar that does not require sand to be added. Thus the manicure “Mix N’ Go”. It may be substituted for NHL 3.5 and 5 where sand is required to be added. In short…if you are looking for a straight up lime mortar that you only add water to, this is the one to choose.

EcologicTM Mortar

Manufacturer – Ecologic

Product Type – Ecologic aggregate color based mortar

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

This mortar comes in the following colors, sizes, and prices.

Custom blend 1quart…$17.00

Custom blend 38.5 lb. bag…$60.00

The other colors 1 quart…$11.00

The other colors 38.5 lb. bag…$26.00

DGM Custom 1 quart…$17.00

DGM Custom 38.5 lb. bag…$60.00

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The 4 Custom Blends

The Other Colors

DGM Custom Examples

Custom Marble
Custom Marble
Custom Wissahickon Schist
Wissahickon Schist


Manufacturer – St. Astier

Product Type – St. Astier Lithomex

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

Lithomex comes in the following sizes, colors and prices

Lithomex Stock Color

Lithomex stock color 1 quart…$30.00
Lithomex stock color 1 gallon…$50.00

Lithomex stock color 5 gallon…$165.00

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Lithomex Non-Pigment

Naturally colored Lithomex

Lithomex non-pigmented 1 quart…$30.00
Lithomex non-pigmented 1 Gallon…$50.00

Lithomex non-pigmented 55 lb. bag…$110.00

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Disclaimer: Many factors affect how images appear on your computer monitor and how they print on your specific printer. It is suggested that you send us a sample or purchase the stock Lithomex kit so that you may view each tile individually or hold the tiles up to a building to determine a match. If you send us a sample we will call you, free of charge to make a suggestion if one of our stock Lithomex colors is similar to the sample you send.

Lithomex Custom Color

Lithomex custom color 1 quart…$30.00

Lithomex custom color 1 Gallon…$50.00

Lithomex custom color 55 lb. bag…$165.00

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Lithomex custom color are mixes based on samples you provide Lime Works so they may tailor make a color match to the stone you are working on. A $125 custom color fee is charged plus the cost of the product above.

Ecologic™ Mortar is an environmentally friendly Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) mortar used for historic masonry restoration including repointing, parging, and stucco on even new sustainable applications including straw bale construction. Ecologic™ Mortar is a breathable lime mortar with proven and consistent qualities for historic replacements containing no Portland cement, present or required, to make this mortar work properly.

EcologicTM Injection Grouts

Manufacturer – Ecologic

Product Type – Lime Injection Grout

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

Grout types 1 through 5 come in the following sizes and prices.

Injection grout 1 gallon…$50.00

Injection grout 5 gallon…$90.00

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Type 1 (I) Grout

St. Astier NHL 5, Type I [premixed NHL 5 – size: 40 – 60 microns] shall be used for very fine cracks up to a width 1/16 inch. NHL 5 = 38 lb., casein = .38lb casein is allowed as an admixture

Type 2 (II) Grout

St. Astier NHL 5, Type II [premixed NHL 5 – size: 300 microns] shall be used for fine cracks or voids between 10 mils (0.010 inch) and 1/8 inch. 1 part NHL 5 and 1 part glass micro spheres by volume

Type 3 (III) Grout

St. Astier NHL 5, Type III [premixed NHL 5 – size: 600 microns] shall be used for cracks or voids between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch. 1 part NHL 5 and 1 part #100 or fine white silica sand by volume

Type 4 (IV) Grout

St. Astier NHL 5, Type IV [premixed NHL 5 – size: 800 microns] shall be used for cracks or voids between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch. 1 part NHL 5 and 1.5 part blended aggregates by volume

Type 5 (V) Grout

St. Astier Type V grout is grout material with proprietary additives and no aggregates. Type 5 (V) can be modified following the chart below:

Mix 1: water ratio 0.875L

Mix 2: water ratio 0.897

Mix 3: water ratio 0.93

Mix 1: no additions (Coulinex only) L

Mixes 2 and 3 are with addition of fine aggregates Type M- 1:1, Type M- 3:1

Specialty formulated grouts, based on St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL 5) and on St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5 for the Coulinex Type V Grout. The grouts contain NO Portland Cement. Casein is added in some mix designs as a natural, no VOC water reducer which controls shrinkage and increases flow and bond.

EcologicTM Waterglass

Manufacturer – Ecologic

Product Type – Ecologic binder

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

Waterglass comes in the following sizes and prices

Waterglass 1 quart…$25.00

Waterglass 1 gallon…$90.00

Waterglass 5 gallon…$245.00

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A potassium silicate binder that conditions the absorption rate of substrates as well as fortifies and solidifies friable masonry such as salmon brick, brownstone, other sedimentary rock, and lime plaster. Treatments naturally consolidate weak masonry without detrimentally restricting breathability. It is applied before using brick/stone repair materials (Lithomex). Waterglass can also be used as a mineral-based, breathable water repellent on its own or when Ecologic™RainSil by is added for controlling very troublesome water infiltration.

This product must not freeze during warehousing or transport, and may limit availability during certain times of the year. Please call for availability.

Lithomex Based Casein Glue

Manufacturer – Lithomex

Product Type – binder

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

Casein Glue comes in the following sizes and prices

Casein Glue 1 quart…$30.00

Casein Glue 1 gallon…$50.00

Casein Glue 5 gallons…$165.00

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A natural field-mixed glue used to glue together upright cemetery headstones. Casein glue can also be used to glue small pieces of brick and stone masonry together. It has a respectable strength using calcium caseinate to significantly hold together units but will still remain reversible. Used in conservation work, if a tablet stone were to be pushed over, Casein glue will allow the stone to break at the glue point if enough force came upon to seam and not encourage a new break at another location if vandalism were to occur. Product comes in two parts; Casein/Lithomex powder and Ecologic™ Waterglass as the liquid additive. You can find the recipe for mixing in TECHNICAL…under Product Instruction Sheets.

Marble Dust

Manufacturer – Lime Works

Product Type – Aggregate

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

Marble Dust and Marble Dust medium comes in the following sizes and prices

Marble dust 1 quart…$5.00

Marble dust 1 gallon…$10.00

Marble dust 5 gallon…$45.00

Marble Dust

Aggregate fine

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Marble Dust is a fine gradation of marble used as the aggregate when re-creating fine butter-joint mortars made of pure lime with this limestone sand and to make a setting paste for setting monument blocks and mortar for true ashlar stonework.

Marble Dust

Aggregate medium

A marble aggregate which can be added to certain lime binders in order to create durable lime mortars. Marble aggregate is used when a mortar analysis finds that the historic mortar originally contained such aggregates and an in-kind replacement material is required for reproducing the historic mortar with the same characteristics.

The NHL lime products below are commercial grade ingredients used in mixing lime mortar and require the addition of sand. We also have them listed under PRODUCTS…Noncommercial Mortars, because they are not a “readymade” mortar and they require the addition of sand, and there for should be considered as parts of a lime mortar recipe. We felt we should also list them here to remind you that you can also mix your own lime mortars as an alternative to purchasing a readymade mortar. Please visit PRODUCTS…Noncommercial Mortars for more details.

NHL 3.5 – Moderately Hydraulic lime is used for laying or repointing brick, stone and terra cotta units even in extreme freeze-thaw climate cycles. It can be used to make scratch, brown and finish coats of exterior stucco or interior plaster. NHL 3.5 must have 15-25% “free lime” content and no more than 30% which is responsible for self-healing mortars. The available free lime goes into solution during subsequent rains and then re-crystallizes across open fissures, similar to the process that occurs in historic pure lime mortars. NHL maintains a hexagonal plate crystal structure which allows the plates to go in between each other for greater elasticity. In contrast, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) has a needle-like crystal structure which is brittle; buildings using OPC must incorporate numerous control joints to accommodate movement. Once properly installed and cured NHL 3.5 will reach over 750 p.s.i. in six months when blended with 2-1/2 parts clean, sharp and well-graded sand.

St. Astier NHL 3.5

Manufacturer – St. Astier

Product Type – NHL 3.5

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

NHL 3.5 quart…$5.00

NHL gallon…$15.00

NHL 55 lb. bag…$46.50

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NHL 5 – Eminently Hydraulic lime is used for applications such as building or repairing wall head copings, pointing and parging the water table or foundation of a building and making lime concrete. Sea-bearing walls can be built or repaired with NHL 5 since it is immune to sulphate attack. Sulphate attack normally occurs in mortar prepared with OPC or when white cement has been introduced into synthetically created hydraulic lime to ensure a hydraulic set. The high percentage of tri-calcium aluminates found in OPC negatively reacts with the sulphates. This reaction produces an overall expansion and eventual disintegration of the mortar or concrete, especially in marine environments.

St. Astier NHL 5

Manufacturer – St. Astier

Product Type – NHL 5

Availability – Now available through the CCUS, click the blue button below

NHL 3.5 quart…$5.00

NHL gallon…$15.00

NHL 66 lb. bag…$46.50

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